Sell Your Skills

In the previous post, I told you about Freelancing, and in this post, I am telling you that how can you sell your skills and earn money.

There are several freelancing websites available on Internet but one of the best websites is Fiverr. If you want to see the fiverr website then just press the word “Fiverr“.

On this website you can earn money through your skills it is the marketplace where buyer buy their work and seller sell their work.

Now you are thinking that how can I sell my work? Don’t worry I am telling you that if you have any skill then you can sell your work through the gig.

The gig is the only method in Fiverr in which you can sell your work. Buyer check your gig and give you a project after completion of the project he/she will pay you.

Now you are thinking that how Can I create a gig? Don’t worry in the next post I will tell you that how can we create an effective gig.

You can see my gigs by clicking the following links.