Mechanized Civilization and it’s Disadvantages.

A civilization is a complex human society that may have certain characteristics of cultural and technological development. Civilization is a Latin word “Civitas” or “city”. That’s why the basic definition of Civilization is a society made up of cities. The Mechanized civilization is a civilization in which mechanical work or Machinery occurs includes Machinery for transportation, machinery for construction, machinery for domestic purpose, machinery used in factories and industries, machinery used in offices etc.

We are living in mechanized civilization, Mechanized civilization is very fast working civilization than the older civilization. The machinery saves a lot of times of people and factories are working quickly and accurately. In this mechanized civilization everyone is dependent on mechanical process people used bikes or cars instead of walk. In Mechanized civilization machineries reduce human’s effort and give them comfortable situation. The factories owner get high cost of their products which are manufactured by the use of machinery. In an older civilization people use horse or bull for travelling but in mechanized civilization travelling is more easy and comfortable people use bikes for shirt travelling and cars used for long travelling and also planes, busses and trains are used for transportation. Due to transportation facilities countries can export or import their products easily. There are a lot of benefits of mechanized civilization but there is also a disadvantages of mechanized civilization which are discussed below.

Disadvantages of Mechanized Civilization
In Mechanized civilization everyone is dependent on machinery so people became lazy.
Peoples don’t walk they used machinery all time so it may effect health.
The machinery used for transportation pollutes the environment.
Machinery requires less labour so it causes labour unemployment.
People avoid to walk even in very short distance and they use bike or car so it is little bit expensive.
The machinery used in small factories and industries are expensive according to their income.

Writer: Mehran