A little Tribute to the Students

“A Little Tribute to You all from me on the successful completion of your first ever online semester”

I know personally and really feel the pain of to switch from offline classes to online classes, from natural teaching/learning process to unnatural process of teaching/learning, from physical to virtual way. It is more outrageous for fresh batches who enter in university with some lot of curiosity to meet new people, to encounter new things, to collect fresh experiences, to learn to enhance higher order thinking, to dig deep, and so on. That all has been ruined by that COV-19 outbreak in this spring semester.

However, I wholeheartedly appreciate your effortlessly attitude, unmovable behavior, K2 like passion of learning, engaging approach, tied participation, unthinkable cooperation…… your these amazing traits kept things going & put me on my toes to work & strive hard to meet the challenges together.

In fact, things at the beginning seemed dark & void, but together, we made it to happen in our way & in our style. As the time progresses, challenges converted into opportunities. Though, it was difficult for all of us at first side because of technological issues, but it is believed that hard times bring some unforgettable experiences to men and I truly believe that these historical online classes might have filled your pockets too with lot of experiences which you will ever never forget and pass these traumatic experiences to your coming generation for sparking some inspiration and despiration.

In the last but not least ,still and uncertainty hangs around us because covid-19 has not eradiacted completely, but scientist are working day and night to come up with some useful treatment in the shape of vaccine. until vaccine appears we all must be vigilant,optimistic ,strong, disciplined committed directed in order to meet the challenges that lurk ahead.

Writer: Mehak