How to Check Confidence Level?

Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities not in an arrogant way but in secure and realistic way. If you are worried about the low confidence and want to build up your confidence level then it is necessary to know that in which level of confidence you are? Here one question raised in everyone’s mind that how to measure the confidence level? It is very simple and easy now I am going to explain the  the answer in short story just read it.

I am discussing with my friend about any event at public place and then suddenly one stranger come and said to me that sing a song, now my reaction will define the confidence level if I sing a song without any argument then my confidence level is 100% it’s mean perfect but if I sing a song after arguments that means my confidence level is also perfect because everyone has a different nature. If that stranger is the friend of my friend but I don’t know him and they both said to me that sing a song  for us, now if I make argue that it is the public place etc. and after a lot of requests I don’t sing then it means my confidence is at zero level. Other levels you can also observe from the situation.

To increase or buildup the confidence it is very important to know that what are the reasons behind your low confidence.

In next post I will discuss that how to boost up the Confidence. THANKS

Writer: Mehran