Discipline is the word that implies a great meaning in everyone’s life. It is a set of standard rules that is set up by scholarly individuals. It is a way of being honest, hard-working, motivated & encouraged throughout the life.

Discipline is of the utmost importance in student life. If the young students do not obey their superiors and go without discipline, they will be deprive do much of the training they should have at this period and in future they will never be able to extract obedience from other sin the society. Society will never accept them as persons fit for commanding and taking up any responsible positions in life. So it is the bounder. Duty of all the students to observe discipline in the preparatory stage of their life. A college without discipline can never impart
suitable education to students. The rule of discipline in the playground and the battle field as well plays a very important role. A team without discipline may not fare well in spite of good players for want of mutual understanding and cooperation. In any army everyone from the rank of the general down to the ranks of an ordinary soldier must observe discipline. In case a soldier does not obey his immediate superior the army becomes a rabble quite unfit for the achievement of the common ends of war.

At first sight it may appear to us that discipline takes away individual liberty. But on analysis it is found that it does not do so, for liberty is not license. We find disciplined liberty at the root of all kinds of human happiness.

5 thoughts on “Discipline in Life

  1. Great post! Discipline is what it takes to get along in life! Where there’s no discipline, there’s no functioning. Thank you for posting. I know so many who could use the reminder.

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