Corruption means adopting unfair means to achieve something illegally, we can also say that corruption is the process in whichpeople get money by doing illegal work.Corruption is one of the most alarming problems in Pakistan. In Pakistan corruption is done not only by the powerful persons but from a small stall man to a biggest businessman.

In Pakistan mostly institutes, companies, industries and even school and colleges are also involved in corruption. According to me if the government is sincere and loyal with the country then they can completely finish the corruption. Government was introduced a department to reduce the corruption named “Anticorruption” but it is failed to finish the corruption, there are many reasons behind this failure, we can’t blame only to the government for this corruption because somewhat we are also involved in corruption. For example: I went to board office for mark sheet correction and the people who were working there was demanding extra money for the work and I gave him the money, it’s mean the people who were working there and me both were involved in corruption because who was demanding extra money that was illegal and I gave him that was also illegal. Corruption has spoiled Pakistan completely and is resulting in increase in poverty, unemployment, hunger and is tarnished the image of the country by bringing immense miseries to its people. Corruption is been deep routed in all level either private or government from top to the bottom. There are also many politicians who have been reportedly involved in the misconduct that are concerned with their stakes only without thinking about the public.There are numerous indirect corruption charges from social media and electronic media and electronics media present but no rolling authority is ready to investigate the corrupt persons for this illegal and dishonest concerns like illegal sui gas and electricity supply, illegal possession of land and so on. Murder of merit and justice, political nepotism and selling of government jobs by ‘corrupt politicians’, thousands of skilled and educated youth are deprived of deserving job.

It is the responsibility of every individual to work jointly with the government institutions to make Pakistan a corruption free country. Corruption will not prevail in the society until deserving peoples are given their rights and if they are not giving our right then we should complain or take action against them. We should make that Pakistan which theforebears dreamt for.

Writer: Mehran

2 thoughts on “Corruption in Pakistan

  1. We all need to remember there are more of us than there are of those we call leaders. As a group, you can change your circumstances. Every country has the ability to create change they need. The only way to do it is by using your voice, and getting people to join you. As a whole people can create necessary change. Don’t forget that. Your voice is your power. They fear your voice, so don’t let them silence you. By ending corruption in the countries We reside in, we have the ability to change the world. Corruption goes beyond your own country. corruption stems from country to country. They are all connected, and we can’t break it down until the world focuses on the bigger picture.

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