Cell phone or Mobile phone is a device basically invented for Communicate with people through phone calling but now the smartphone are invented with a lot of new features. Cell phone is every personโ€™s need and now a days children also used cell phone. Cell phone has a lot of benefits and several demerits also. It is depend on the person that in which way he/she going to use the cellphone.

Benefits of Cell Phone

There is a lot of apps which is useful for the knowledge increment.

In emergency situation it is very useful to inform our family and if we injured due to accident then the any other person can easily inform to our family through my cell phone.

In smartphone we can search any type of study related material by the use of internet.

Now various online courses are introduced which we can do through cell phone.

We can learn any skill without instructor through blog or YouTube.

In smart phone we can use Microsoft office to make the assignment, notes, presentation, cards etc.

There is a lot of Educational related Social media groups.

There is a lot of Websites in which we can make money at home.

If we have any query or question then we can ask in different forums.

Cell phone is very useful and beneficial in every stage of life we can learn and earn from it very easily.

Negative Use of Cell Phone

Many people use Cell Phone for just listening songs it is totally waste of time.

People watch unnecessary videos in Cell Phone.

Use Social media for gossips.

Playing games.

Misguides people to make money.

Create websites just for fraud.

Writer: Mehak


13 thoughts on “Cell Phone

    1. I said gossips on social media is waste of time. We should avoid social media and give time to make a future. Remeber that blogging is mentioned in benefits not in negative use. Thanks for the feedback


      1. You got a key & a free book download as a gift for being a New Member of our site. We’re trying to make sure our members don’t miss the freebie because it expires on Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. True on the pros and cons of cell phones. Iโ€™ve given up on most social media and just blog and try not to turn posts, comment and replies into world views and politics truths, half-truths or outright lies!

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