Literature is a discipline that plays very important role in everyone’s life and its divided into two different categories functional and non-functional or applied in literature literature is largely in the form of poetry ,drama novel, prose , etc from these all the poetry play very important role in our life because it reflect the thinking and perceptions of writer and became ambassador of his and her feelings and emotions.

An artistole says ,”poet is the creator who creates something out of nothing.
however, palato teacher of artistotle ,does not agree with earth artistotle opinion because he does not give place poet in the famous UTOPIA, an imagination state that he made and the poetry is so important because it help us to understand and appreciate the world around us and Paul to teaches us how to live in the world.

It is not only one perception that makes the definition of poetry, but poetry in its lapse, carry lot of definitions. As you get lot of meanings through bunch of mere words, we might call it verses, they always give new theme and idea, which is actually the nature of poetry, likewise, poetry itself gives lot of definitions, depends on the wit of person. It is complete philosophy and this describes the significance of poetry in this world. If you ponder! worldโ€™s each and everything is poetry or everything in the world recites poetry, carrying a lot of hidden meanings and messages.In the end, Socrates, the great Greek philosopher once said: โ€œPoet utters great and wise things which they do not themselves understandโ€. And he is right because poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

Sometimes, when poets are in solitude, they write the things, they never imagined or intended to write and sometimes when they come out from that solitude, they contradict with their own words and feelings. As poetry is something left open-ended, it can change its themes according to situation and perception of a person. However, we all grow with each second, our ideas and perceptions also get changed. When any poet writes poem or ghazal or couplet, it can go far because every reader relates that according to their own way. It can go from general to specific and vice versa at the same time.

Writer: Mehak


8 thoughts on “Role of Poetry in Our Life

  1. As a poet, since I was 9 years old, I know that the process of writing a poem for me, is a very sublime act, as close to magic as I can define. Another poet once said,you can only take credit for the first line, and many times you have no idea where that line came from or is going! After that, the flow, the filling in, the verses are almost like channeling, subconsciously (what I call my muse.) When it is done, you feel it is, and sign your name/ Many times you are truly surprised what direction your poem took. I wrote a poem about that process,,You can read it here I enjoyed your post, thoughtful words on poetry:)

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