Introduction of Equality
It is not always about treating everyone the same it is about treating people in such a way that outcome this main putting things in place to support people out come when everyone is treating in the same way without giving any effect to their needs and requirements equality is a lifeline of the democratic society that aims to prevent discrimination and provide the ritual of a person it is to all for example equality between rich and poor equality between men and women etc.

For a person who is blind it may involve having screen reader on your computers and removing abstacles in your blending it is also the belief that no one should have proper life people with protected characteristics such as race disability origination have experiment discriminations. The centre idea of equality is that are the individual get equal treatment in the society and are the disturb method on the basis of Race colour cast nationality sex disability age religion and etc.

It mean we give equal rights to every one and We see equal to man or women if one boy get education we give equal right to girls and in our sight all are equals to us.

Writer: Mehak


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